About CSO and NICS

The Communications Service Office (CSO) provides Wide Area Network voice, video and data services in support of the Agency, including the following:

  • Agency WAN Services   
  • Agency LAN Services
  • Russian Communication Services
  • Network Security Services
  • Agency Network Architecture
  • Agency Video Services
  • Center Unique Communications Services
  • Communications and Network Innovation
  • Communications Service Integration

CSO staffing is primarily drawn from the three Host Centers – ARC, GSFC and MSFC

  • Ames Research Center (ARC) provides cross-cutting integration and leadership in the areas of IT security, research networking, emerging network technology and innovation, enterprise architecture, and project management governance
  • Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) provides leadership for the overall management of the mission communications services
  • Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) provides leadership for the overall program management, administrative and financial management, and management of the corporate communications services

CSO utilizes NASA Integrated Communication Services (NICS), as the main provider of these services.