CSO Notification System (CSONS)


The Communication Service Office (CSO) Notification System (CSONS) is the replacement for the Activity, Outage Plan Notification System (AOPNS) and Mission Outage Notification System (MONS) Notification systems.  CSONS is intended for technical IT staff and is not intended for general users. This tool supports the technical dissemination of notifications related to outages and planned activities. The planned activities are related to the infrastructure/ services of CSO Corporate, CSO Mission, CSO Russia and MSFC CIO Agency Applications Office (AAO).  The outage activities are related to the CSO Corporate and CSO Mission only.

The ‘service’ based structure of CSONS requires all subscribers to create a NAMS service based request to receive access to CSONS notifications.  To comply with modern identity management policies, the CSONS system does not support Distribution Mailing List (DLs).

This ‘service’ based structure allows CSONS subscribers more ‘targeted’ notification selection options by using a location and service and/or project based subscription structure.

CSONS is operational starting 26 September of 2016.

CSONS Registration

Every CSONS user must submit a formal subscription request.

There are two different processes for an individual to register for the CSONS Service, Internal User and External User.

  • Internal User:  An individual with a NASA Identity.  Generally someone who has an NASA identity will have a NASA email address or a NASA issued PIV badge.  Internal users register via NAMS starting August 1, 2016.  To register, go to https://nams.nasa.gov/nams and search for CSONS.
  • External User:  Any individual who is not an Internal User.  An External User must request CSONS notifications access through a NASA Sponsor (an Internal User).  It is the responsibility of the NASA sponsor to facilitate the External User’s request for CSONS notifications.

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Contact the CSONS Sustainment Team

Please send all questions and comments to Remedy Support Team.  These personnel are available for help with any questions on ordering or resolving problems associated with the Communication Services Office Notification (CSONS).