Learn about CSO Services


Learn about CSO Services


All CSO services are outlined in the "National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Communications Service Office (CSO) Services Document". That document has recently been updated and can be reviewed at this link: CSD

Services provided by CSO/NICS include the following: corporate and mission wide-area networks, collaboration tools (video and audio), voice services, center local-area networks,  and Center unique services.   Each Center chooses which of the Center unique services they want CSO/NICS to provide. Center unique services include cable plant, emergency warning and public address systems, radio, cable TV and phone systems.

NOTE:  The links below have not been updated.  Please open the document using the CSD link above to see current information.

Standard Practices

Corporate Communication Services

Mission Network Services

CSO Local Area Network (LAN) Services

Center and Component Facility Services