How to Order CSO Services

Corporate / Collaboration Services

To order CSO/NICS Corporate or Collaboration Services, contact the Enterprise Service Desk (ESD):

Additionally, NICS has established Center Service Delivery Managers (CSDMs) and Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) at each center.  These personnel are available to help with any questions on ordering or resolving problems associated with CSO/NICS services.


Mission Services

To order CSO/NICS Mission Services, contact the appropriate Mission Service Manager (MSM) or Customer Service Representative (CSR).  

Prior to submitting a Service Request for CSO Mission Services, the NICS CSR ensures that the cognizant NASA MSM has reviewed the request, agrees that the request represents a valid mission customer, is a valid requirement, that the customer intends to fund the implementation, and that the customer agrees  to submit a Security Checklist, if required.  A Service Request that is submitted by a NICS CSR and reviewed by the NASA MSM is considered to be validated upon submittal.  This constitutes NASA CSO validation and authority to proceed (ATP) with NICS fulfillment of the requirement.  Non-validated Service Requests, or deviations from initial requirements are forwarded back to the NASA MSM team for re-review and re-validation.


Russia Services    *under review before posting*




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